Artistic Kurves | What is Custom Designs?
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What is Custom Designs?

Should we have a custom design?

What is a custom design?

  • A custom design starts with a graphic designer who creates a from-scratch theme
  • A developer then takes this theme and ‘slices’ it (element by element) and turns it into code so that it displays on a webpage

What is a quality design?

  • We call a ‘quality design’ one that is based off of a customizable, premium theme.
  • It can still have basic elements changed like colors, fonts, some limited repositioning of elements, etc.

What is a stock design?

There are many hobbyist entry points for stock templates.  They will have limited customization options.

Which level of design do I need?

It depends on your goals:

  • If you want a personal blog or are just experimenting with a hobby to see if you can make money with it, a stock design is a fine place to start
  • If you need a good theme but your audience won’t care about nuance, a quality design (premium theme) is a good option.
  • If you feel the details of design elements are an important part of communicating with your audience, then a custom design is the way to go